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WO-2015165063-A1: 一种共享网络的资源管理系统、装置和相应的方法 patent, WO-2015176613-A1: 用于无线网络中的测量装置和方法以及控制装置和方法 patent, WO-2012003668-A1: 一种消息发送方法、系统及互通服务器 patent, WO-2014008694-A1: Dispositif de surveillance de signalisation destiné à mettre en œuvre une architecture distribuée de domaine ps patent, WO-2014101736-A1: 可编程控制器的编程辅助系统及方法 patent, WO-2014146436-A1: 油脂散热led灯 patent, WO-2015042839-A1: Dual-position buttons patent, WO-2015058637-A1: Matériau actif d'électrode positive d'une batterie lithium-ion et son procédé de préparation patent, WO-2015139271-A1: Terminal mobile patent, WO-2016070474-A1: 一种基于滤芯识别防伪的空气净化器 patent, WO-2016078017-A1: Led module and led device patent, WO-2016078184-A1: Procédé de test par balayage de fréquence pour prédiction du bruit d'un condensateur de puissance patent, WO-2016146041-A1: Pigment de la série bleu-vert à effet nacré et son procédé de préparation patent, WO-2015021714-A1: 一种阵列基板及其制备方法、显示装置 patent, WO-2015062185-A1: 包装容器 patent, WO-2016029525-A1: 一种房车冰箱的通用能源选择电控系统 patent, WO-2016110064-A1: Prism diaphragm, curved-surface backlight source, and display device patent, WO-2017016082-A1: Dispositif et procédé de surveillance de température de transformateur de distribution mobile basés sur une communication par infrarouges patent, WO-2017063310-A1: Intelligent excrement and urine test system patent, WO-2013123757-A1: Procédé et dispositif de transmission de données de fichier patent, WO-2016008219-A1: Procédé, système et dispositif de mise en œuvre de réseautage hybride, et support de stockage informatique patent, WO-2016184145-A1: Mid-engined extended range electric vehicle patent, WO-2017070839-A1: Gear reducer and gear linkage mechanism thereof patent, WO-2017024652-A1: Method for starting liquid crystal display patent, WO-2015061928-A1: Bas de soie pouvant amortir la pression sur la plante du pied et leur procédé de fabrication patent, WO-2010145497-A1: Method and device for protecting service based on automatic switched optical network patent, WO-2013127222-A1: Plug transporting system and plug cleaning and adding production line between rubber plug cleaning machine and filling plug adding machine patent, US-2015125486-A1: Adjuvanted formulations of pediatric antigens patent, US-2015252264-A1: Dihydropyran compound, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device patent, US-2015319475-A1: Differentiated psip table update interval technology patent, US-2015320325-A1: Devices, Systems, and Methods for Vessel Assessment patent, CN-1456039-A: 电波吸收体 patent, US-2015324798-A1: Power supply method, billing processing method, power supply system, power supply controller, power supply apparatus, power-supply control method, management server, electric vehicle, and billing serve patent, US-2015345720-A1: Lamp having multi-functional support patent, US-2015351078-A1: Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless communication method and program patent, US-2015382444-A1: Thermally enhanced wiring board having metal slug and moisture inhibiting cap incorporated therein and method of making the same patent, US-2016129971-A1: Decking patent, US-2016157074-A1: Personal monitoring apparatus and method patent, US-2016173113-A1: N-path cascode transistor output switch for a digital to analog converter patent, US-2016190250-A1: V-Shaped Epitaxially Formed Semiconductor Layer patent, US-2016190252-A1: Finfet conformal junction and abrupt junction with reduced damage method and device patent, US-2016199735-A1: Communication Device and Method Between an Audiovisual Information Playback System and an Electronic Game Machine patent, US-2016221078-A1: Aluminum-based porous body and method for manufacturing same patent, US-2016249006-A1: Terminal patent, US-2016252770-A1: Variable reflectance mirror system patent, US-2016260894-A1: Methods of manufacturing a magnetic field sensor patent, US-2016262041-A1: Node and method for buffering downlink data patent, US-2016263016-A1: Ingestible, electrical device for oral delivery of a substance patent, US-2016263362-A1: Microneedle arrays for active agent delivery patent, US-2016270227-A1: Manufacturing method of printing circuit board with micro-radiators patent, US-2016298994-A1: Adjustment-free fill level sensor patent, US-2016300077-A1: Personal identification number distribution device and method patent, US-2016302220-A1: Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method patent, US-2016303478-A1: Sequentially operated modules patent, US-2016329075-A1: Replication tools and related fabrication methods and apparatus patent, US-2016347042-A1: Dual cure stain resistant microsphere articles patent, US-2016350475-A1: Method for Developing and Applying Databases for Idenfication of Microorganisms by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry patent, US-2016355276-A1: Engine assembly of an aircraft including a display unit patent, US-2016360791-A1: Air Analyzer And Treatment System patent, US-2016374177-A1: App based free setting method for setting operating parameter of security light patent, US-2016376750-A1: A method for manufacturing a packaging material and a packaging material made by the method patent, US-2017008264-A1: A method for manufacturing a packaging material patent, US-2017022859-A1: Vertically storable engine and mower patent, US-2017034986-A1: Crop stand optimization systems, methods and apparatus patent, US-2017035941-A1: Mineralization and Biological Modification of Biomaterial Surfaces patent, US-2017055867-A1: Protection device, wearable device, protection method and display system patent, US-2017062423-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device patent, US-2017062819-A1: Electrode, manufacturing method thereof, storage battery, and electronic device patent, US-2017062881-A1: Electricity storage module patent, US-2017077608-A1: Patch antenna patent, US-2017088689-A1: Stabilised resin composition patent, US-2017093043-A1: Radio frequency device with mechanisms for the adjustment of the impedances and frequencies of its antennas patent, US-2017097110-A1: Wind turbine drip loop cable securement assembly patent, US-2017106069-A1: Soft gel delivery system for treating poultry patent, US-2017108011-A1: Fan patent, US-2017108869-A1: Method and apparatus for operating at least one partly or highly automated vehicle patent, US-2017114718-A1: Gas turbine cycle equipment, equipment for recovering co2 from flue gas, and method for recovering exhaust heat from combustion flue gas patent, US-2017120824-A1: Display mirror assembly incorporating heatsink patent, US-2017121925-A1: Situ Treatment System and Method for Dewatering and Stabilization of Waste Material Deposits in Waste Impoundments patent, US-2017136866-A1: Hybrid vehicle with compact driveline patent, US-2017143266-A1: Remote physiologic parameter determination methods and platform apparatuses patent, US-2017148230-A1: Parking management system patent, US-2017159407-A1: Selective Stimulation Ports Including Sealing Device Retainers And Methods Of Utilizing The Same patent, US-2017166840-A1: Liquid laundry detergent composition patent, US-2017173370-A1: Inner Lining Fabric With Moisture Management Properties patent, US-2017178805-A1: Rapidly quenched fe-based soft-magnetic alloy ribbon and its production method and core patent, US-2017185267-A1: Methods and Systems for Managing Multiple Modes of Communication within a Single On-Screen User Interface patent, US-2017195556-A1: Monitoring system and camera device patent, US-2017202626-A1: Systems and methods for displaying guidance images with spatial annotations during a guided medical procedure patent, US-2017203126-A1: System for delivering conformal radiation therapy while simultaneously imaging soft tissue patent, US-2017216125-A1: Walking Aid and Monitor patent, US-2017217918-A1: Antidiabetic bicyclic compounds patent, US-2017222160-A1: Organic light emitting compounds and organic light emitting devices including the same patent, US-2017222242-A1: Anion Conductor and Layered Metal Hydroxide patent, US-2017222282-A1: Battery diagnostic sensor unit patent, US-2017233842-A1: Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet patent, US-2017236114-A1: Location Dependent Communications between Mobile Devices and Transaction Terminals patent, US-2017236291-A1: Drone including a front-view camera with attitude-independent control parameters, in particular auto-exposure control patent, US-2017239285-A1: Development of magnetic-micro particles that provide controlled glycosaminoglycan (gag) release and the intravesical usage of it in interstitial cystitis patent, US-2017240937-A1: New process for preparing biphenyl compounds patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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